In light of ‘the new normal’ St Andrews nursery is offering a full online learning experience, with one on one sessions for our under 5’s. Between October and December 2020, we will cover all the areas of learning learning in the curriculum for the first term of 2020-21 academic session.

“I was once a working mum and designed St Andrew’s Creche and Nursery to cater for the needs I had with a young child, no immediately family to help and work to go to! I struggled with childcare for my son, having to prepare meals, provide diapers, sad one times wait in front of the nursery till they open in the morning or sometimes got caught up in traffic and was terribly late.” Mary Onu Founder St Andrews Crèche and Nursery, Lekki.

At St Andrews Crèche, Nursery snd Afterschool was founded in February 2012 when Mrs Onu returned to Nigeria. We provide a high quality learning experience, snacks, meals, juices, water and diapers, while providing a home away from home for our children.

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